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Wolf Connection

Wolf Connection

A wolf and wolfdog sanctuary and a human healing organization.

Our Wolf Therapy programs empower all beings to believe in their worthiness, belonging, and the capacity for individual growth grounded in the power of the pack. This is accomplished through multidisciplinary programs in close interaction with rescued wolves. A powerful doorway is opened for participants to discover self-confidence and purpose, a feeling of being seen, and a sense of oneness with themselves and their community ecosystem.


The HOWL that opens hearts, awakens minds, and transforms lives!


 Wolf Connection’s signature programs engage participants to grow, thrive, and become contributing members. Grounded in the principles of empowerment and resilience, the programs teach youth to face their fears, embrace their unique strengths, and own their inherent worth. Participants learn the importance of working as a team or “pack,” and practice sensitivity to the unique gifts, experiences, 

and the emotions of others.

Our programs align to the five SEL (Social Emotional Learning) competencies of the CASEL framework.


During our programs, students develop:

· Self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-acceptance

· Skills for working through challenges and taking responsibility for their future

· Connection with nature and animals, leading to compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance

· Prosocial behavior with a sense of belonging to a community, a “pack” of their own, and

· A sense of curiosity around their purpose and hope for the future

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