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Over the years, I've written about a hundred short stories on the lives of Yellowstone wolves and wolfpacks. These stories will be available here soon.

06 Female - Bob Weselmann.jpg

06 Female

Lamar Canyon Pack

z 755M LAMAR-WAPITI LAKE 2016.jpg

Wolf 755M

Lamar Canyon & Wapiti Lake Packs

WAF - Julie Argyle (1).jpg

White Alpha Female

Wapiti Lake Pack

Jort Vanderveen.jpg

White Alpha Female

Canyon Pack

907Fg 2021 0815 - Julie Argyle.jpeg

Wolf 907F

JunJunction Butte Pack


Wolf 925M

Lamar Canyon Pack


Wolf 926F

Lamar Canyon Pack

z 890 M JUNCTION Patch 2015.jpg

Wolf 890M

Junction Butte & Mollie's Packs

Wolf 48F

Nez Perce Pack

z 540 HAYDEN YWFT.jpg

Wolf 540F

Hayden Pack

Tripod Wolf 632Fg Photo - 2008 Yellowstone Wolf Project Report NPS.jpg

Wolf 632F Tripod

Cougar Creek & Grayling Creek Packs



Druid Peak Pack

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