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Wolf Tales

~ Wolves Are Essential ~

By experiencing the life stories of wolves, we begin to truly appreciate and come to understand just how essential they are. Wolves have inspired and taught us humans from thousands of years back to the present day; from behavioral, cultural, and ecological perspectives. We can learn a lot from wolves. All that's required is opening our hearts.

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I became inspired by wolves during my 10 years living alongside them in Yellowstone National Park; so much so that I was called to share the life stories and life lessons of these amazing and essential beings. This calling culminated in my co-founding of the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree; the largest and most unique family tree on today with 700 human guests and featuring the life stories and genealogy of 1,300 Yellowstone wolves. In addition to my various publications and presentations about wolves, I work daily for three nonprofits dedicated to wolves: (1) Archivist & Site Manger of the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree, Lead of Program Education & Outreach for Wolf Connection, and Pack Member of The 06 Legacy. My love of nature began at an early age; a love that was encouraged by my father and Hugh Curtis and continues to this day. The stories that I share today find their roots in these beginnings, as well as from the many generous loved ones, friends, and colleagues who have shared their insights and knowledge with me me along the way. -  Leo Leckie


Leo in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park

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