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Wolf Tales

~ Wolves Are Essential ~

By experiencing the life stories of wolves, we begin to appreciate and come to understand just how essential they truly are. Wolves have inspired humans for thousands of years. We can learn a lot from wolves. All that's required is opening our hearts.

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I became inspired by wolves starting in 2010 during my first year living among them in Yellowstone National Park, so much so that I was called to share the life stories and inspirational lessons of these amazing and essential beings. This calling led to the 2015 creation of the Yellowstone Wolf Family Tree on and continues to inspire me to share their stories in written and narrative fashion to this day.  -  Leo Leckie


In Lamar Valley, Yellwstone

My appreciation for and knowledge of wolves and the natural world has been encouraged by many along the way.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge Hugh Curtis, Jim Halfpenny, Susi Higgins, and my dad, Len Leckie. 


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